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layout v.1.0!

Hello! Hope everyone's summer is going well! :) I've been messing around with a bit of a new layout to spiff this page up a little, so if anyone wants to take a glance at it and give me approval/criticism/suggestions, that'd be great!! And really, you can tell me if you hate it or if something's just not working for you. I'd also like people who use browsers besides Firefox and dimensions besides 1024x768 to let me know how it looks, just so we can make sure it'll work and look pretty for the vast majority of people. :D I've got a lot of time on my hands this summer so I'm totally willing to work with it until it's something that everyone likes.

The links on the right side of the page are just random band-related sites that I could remember off the top of my head; if anyone's got any additions, let me know. Also, fellow maintainers, if you want to rewrite the little "About Us" blurb on the side, that's fine with me. :)

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