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Hey Everyone, My name's Kacey and I'm a senior in High School looking into NMU. I'm a giant Band Geek (I play Tenor and Baritone Saxophone) and I'm really looking into continuing Band and music into college. I'm a bit curious about a few things, because our school doesn't really have a lot of information about NMU (sadly) and Our Guidance Consular can't seem to answer me either, so here we go.

What kind of Band programs does NMU offer? (Like Jazz, Concert, Marching, Pep, ECT?)
I don't really intend on being a Music Major; but I still want to take as much band as I can. Is this possible?
Auditions, I know about the music Major Auditions, I've heard nothing about Music Minors and the others.
If you're part of one band, do you have to be part of them all? Can you pick and choose?
On the same note; is there anything I can do to prepare for Band when I arrive? I like to be well prepared.
How much of a time commitment is band? Do people feel rushed constantly? Is it worth continuing?

On a rather curious note; I'm one of those fools (I say that with immense love. lol.) that marches with Baritone Saxophone. Does NMU have people who march with Bari Sax and would they allow it if someone was foolish enough to want too?

I would appreciate answers from anyone, Doesn't have to be someone who plays the same things I do. I'm just very curious and I want to be informed when I make my decision. =-)

Thanks for your time, everyone.
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