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In tears

I just looked at my schedule for this year and it was really hard to look at because of the fact marching band wasn't on it. It got me double thinking about what I had done. I just dont know!!!!!! I really friken want to golf because thats always a huge tournament for me and this year I can finally make money if I get first second or third. But I really want to do band again now too though but its the tryouts that just freak me out. I mainly play my music by ear so those tryouts I can imagine would be hard for me. Grugin emailed me and said 8 saxophones were on his list and he was planning on taking all 8 and to let him know if I changed my mind but I just cant decide and it kills me. I wish I didnt hafta tryout because I cant do scales and Ive never been able to do scales. Ive just been able to play music. I just dont know and its killing me and giving me a headache everytime i go and try to decide. I just dont know what to do and I wish I didnt hafta tryout because I know Im gonna blow it when I get up there and try and play.

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