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Pep Songs [16 Jul 2010|05:36pm]

Heya all, I'm a NMU Hockey fan and one of the songs you guys play came up on the radio. I fouled up and didnt write down any of the lyrics, and now cant find it. Can anyone name off the classic rock songs you play at Hockey games? Thanks for the help!
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Hey!! [10 Mar 2008|10:55pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Nobody has posted here for a long time!
Well so the band videos will be distributed tomorrow!! WOOT!!!

Well that's all!



layout v.1.0! [17 May 2007|09:44pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hello! Hope everyone's summer is going well! :) I've been messing around with a bit of a new layout to spiff this page up a little, so if anyone wants to take a glance at it and give me approval/criticism/suggestions, that'd be great!! And really, you can tell me if you hate it or if something's just not working for you. I'd also like people who use browsers besides Firefox and dimensions besides 1024x768 to let me know how it looks, just so we can make sure it'll work and look pretty for the vast majority of people. :D I've got a lot of time on my hands this summer so I'm totally willing to work with it until it's something that everyone likes.

The links on the right side of the page are just random band-related sites that I could remember off the top of my head; if anyone's got any additions, let me know. Also, fellow maintainers, if you want to rewrite the little "About Us" blurb on the side, that's fine with me. :)


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New NMUsicians forum [16 May 2007|10:07am]

Hey guys!

Since the other forum had so many spammers that I couldn't delete them fast enough, I went to a different forum host and started up a new one.


Pleeeeeeease join.  It's starting off much more slowly than the other, but hopefully around band camp time it will pick up.

Also, question for Ryan: is there any way we can get this page looking spiffier?  I have no idea if you have the time or the desire to do it, and I have no idea how, but I know that a certain Kelly can do layouts and such.  Maybe this can be a possibility?

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Looking for interest... [12 Nov 2006|03:53pm]

Hey Band!
I'll probably be making an announcement about this soon, but I'll start here for now:
NMU is hosting it's 3rd Annual Relay for Life March 31st-April 1st, 2007, and I'm looking to get together a team from the Bands to participate, and I'm just wondering how many of you would be interested in doing this. It's tons of fun, and raises money for a great cause. Just drop me a comment here or send me a message letting me know.
If you want more information about Relay go to www.acsevents.org/relay/mi/nmu
Thanks, guys!!

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[22 Oct 2006|01:15am]

[ mood | mellow ]

This is me posting on the NMU Band Community so the Love Child isn't sad anymore.


OH, and PS--I went to the TC West vs TC Central game last night (so did Traci... yaaay Traci!)-- West played Children of Sanchez and Central played Caravan. It was pretty sweet.

See you Monday!

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Drumline stuffs [21 Oct 2006|05:07pm]

Okay, so I know that we're already pretty far into the season, buuuut I've finally managed to get pictures of the 2006 drumline onto our myspace. NMU's drumline has a myspace you ask? Well, yes. Yes we do.


Check it out, add us, post comments, throw raves...I don't care what you do, so long as you at least look at it : P

I still have some updating to do on the page, but it's as good as it's going to get for now. I'm too much of a bum to work on it anymore right this second, and I know that Marty hasn't really touched the page since I've worked on it.

So uh, yeah. See you all Monday!

[21 Oct 2006|04:26am]

what in the world guys? how come no one posts on here now? i just got a livejournal and i was looking forward to talking on this but no one is posting on the NMU band thing! that makes me sad...... :(
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[27 Sep 2006|06:28pm]

All I have to say is, I am a nerd.  But I'm a cool nerd, and you all know it.


[27 Jul 2006|01:52am]

[ mood | anxious ]

I just wanted to thank everyone who left me comments back months ago and let everyone know that I did decided and get accepted to NMU, and I did register for marching band and I will see you all this fall, although I'm a bit nervous and anxious about it. =-)

So, Thank you again to everyone who helped with my decision and on that parting note- any advice for auditions?

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Announcement [24 Jul 2006|04:13pm]

We are going to Green Bay!

Friday and Saturday (October 6-7) we are scheduled for a PEP BAND TRIP for the NMU vs. UW-Madison hockey game season opener in Green Bay, WI.
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29 Days Until Band Camp! [22 Jul 2006|10:09am]

This poor community's been pretty quiet this summer. I'm a bit surprised that no new members have posted or anything like that. Oh well.

For everyone else, music/info should be coming in the mail soon. I think Dr. Grugin sent it or will be sending it in a couple of days. Fret no more! :-)

I look forward to seeing everyone again in a few weeks. It's kinda lonely up here!

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Because I AM that big of a dork... [10 Apr 2006|05:25pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So I went to the place on my.nmu.edu where you can see the roster of your classes, and just because I was curious, I took a count of how many people we have in each section at the moment:

ColorGuard:goose egg... eep...
And "people who Lindsey wasn't sure what instrument they would be marching":2

Any mistakes? Changes? Freshmen in the community who haven't signed up but know they're doing it?


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No one yell at me, this is just me me thinking... [26 Feb 2006|12:08am]

[ mood | curious ]

NMU and UW-Madison are playing next fall (Oct 6-7) in Green Bay-- http://www.uscho.com/news/id,12078/SeeYouNextSeasonNMUWisconsinToPlayInGreenBay.html

The Football team is away that weekend...

Would it even be concevable to get the band there for that?

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Potential Newbie [14 Feb 2006|03:09pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey Everyone, My name's Kacey and I'm a senior in High School looking into NMU. I'm a giant Band Geek (I play Tenor and Baritone Saxophone) and I'm really looking into continuing Band and music into college. I'm a bit curious about a few things, because our school doesn't really have a lot of information about NMU (sadly) and Our Guidance Consular can't seem to answer me either, so here we go.

What kind of Band programs does NMU offer? (Like Jazz, Concert, Marching, Pep, ECT?)
I don't really intend on being a Music Major; but I still want to take as much band as I can. Is this possible?
Auditions, I know about the music Major Auditions, I've heard nothing about Music Minors and the others.
If you're part of one band, do you have to be part of them all? Can you pick and choose?
On the same note; is there anything I can do to prepare for Band when I arrive? I like to be well prepared.
How much of a time commitment is band? Do people feel rushed constantly? Is it worth continuing?

On a rather curious note; I'm one of those fools (I say that with immense love. lol.) that marches with Baritone Saxophone. Does NMU have people who march with Bari Sax and would they allow it if someone was foolish enough to want too?

I would appreciate answers from anyone, Doesn't have to be someone who plays the same things I do. I'm just very curious and I want to be informed when I make my decision. =-)

Thanks for your time, everyone.

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Hey Pep Band [11 Feb 2006|12:28am]

Got a question for you.

Why don't you guys play at the basketball games? I think its kind of sad that the basketball teams have never heard our fight song played at one of their games.
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Hey [21 Dec 2005|06:26pm]

Hey everyone. My names Emily and I'm looking into NMU. I was just curious about the marching band. I mean, I've been getting letters on it, but it doesn't do it justice. I was wondering if I could get a members view?

Also. How's the low brass section, I'm a baritone player. Is there a Section Leader I could talk to or something??

Thanks guys! Merry Holidays!

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[22 Aug 2005|09:30am]

It's time for band camp, everyone! (No, really?!)

Good luck and march hard. This is a fun week. :)
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Numbers [19 Aug 2005|04:48pm]

Picc/Flute - 9
Clarinet - 9
A. Sax - 8
T. Sax - 4
Trumpet - 16
Mellophone - 8
Baritone - 4
Trombone - 8
Sousaphone - 8
Snare - 5
Bass Drum - 5
Quads - 3
Cymbals - 3

I'm guessing there will be 8 Color Guard, because that number with 2 Drum Majors makes 100, kids!
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In tears [18 Aug 2005|11:38pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

I just looked at my schedule for this year and it was really hard to look at because of the fact marching band wasn't on it. It got me double thinking about what I had done. I just dont know!!!!!! I really friken want to golf because thats always a huge tournament for me and this year I can finally make money if I get first second or third. But I really want to do band again now too though but its the tryouts that just freak me out. I mainly play my music by ear so those tryouts I can imagine would be hard for me. Grugin emailed me and said 8 saxophones were on his list and he was planning on taking all 8 and to let him know if I changed my mind but I just cant decide and it kills me. I wish I didnt hafta tryout because I cant do scales and Ive never been able to do scales. Ive just been able to play music. I just dont know and its killing me and giving me a headache everytime i go and try to decide. I just dont know what to do and I wish I didnt hafta tryout because I know Im gonna blow it when I get up there and try and play.

X-posted to my journal

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